Monday, January 13, 2014

The Real First Day of Retirement

Today felt like the first day of retirement.  I guess January 1 was the official day but not all has been settled with the school corporation and the retirement fund.  Christmas break lasted until January 7 and then there were three days of up to minus 15 temperatures that kept schools closed.  The first class at MC3 without me was held on Thursday, January 9, and that was the day we left for Houston for the memorial service for Jim's brother Hank.  We arrived home last night.

   Thursday I was able to leave without getting a sub and making extensive plans for anyone else to carry out.  And today was a Monday without lesson planning, record keeping, and phone calls.

Instead I spent the morning at my first docent training for the Snite and South Bend Museums of Art.  It was run well by the curator of education Sarah Martin.  I look forward to my studies and our next meeting in two weeks.

I walked and talked with friend Maggie.  I checked a few odds and ends off a "to do" list.  I read and I napped and talked to my sister on the phone.   I went out to eat at Legends with Jim at an introductory dinner for the Institute for Advanced Studies at ND.

The day was full and interesting and I hope and pray that this good beginning continues.

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