Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Feeling Old!

Grey hair--silver hair--white hair?  In any case, I am happy that I do not spend the money or time on hair coloring.  However, there are times that I am sorry to have that visible sign of aging.  Saturday was one of them.

The manager of the Microtel that Hank owned in Florida came up to me to express her sympathy and asked if I was Hank's mom!  As Hank died at age 69, I was quite insulted!  For the rest of the day, I avoided her!

Immediately afterward, however, Sheila's young "stylist" asked me where I got my necklace and complimented me on it.  I complimented him on his shiny silver metallic shoes!  That made me feel better.

The other sad thing about aging was my inability to wear high heels when all dressed up for the service and to have to go with boring flats.  The pain was much too great to endure even for beauty and style!  How sad it was to return Laura's Christmas gift of those beautiful heels for a practical, even if luxurious, handbag.

Stitch-Fix has lifted my spirits however.  I received my first package yesterday and love the three tops they sent.  Each one has very individual style features--definitely not off the rack in South Bend at least.  I will return the shapeless dress and red trinket necklace.  I will enjoy my own personal "stylist" from this company and look forward to more packages.  Any referrals I make that result in someone joining will give me a $25 credit so if anyone is interested...!


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  1. Hi Mary-Thank you for sharing the fun of looking at your Stick Fit delivery. You made very wise fashion choices (in my humble opinion)