Monday, January 20, 2014

Jay's Poem and My Last Staff Meeting

Jay Snyder, my colleague (former colleague!) wrote and performed a poem for my last staff meeting and here it is:

Mary, Mary…
What can you say about Mary?

I have something to say, about Mary today.

She did her Jmath, and did it with a roar.
That’s why she’s my best ambassador!

Mary’s a learner, and does it so smooth.
If we were a little more like her, we could all improve!

Mary, Mary… I’ve got to warn you, it’s only fair.
Beware, beware, I say beware.
If you’re gonna retire, get on the train & get down the track,
Cuz if you don’t, you’ll end up like the others, & you’ll be back!

With Mary not there, it will give us a scare.
So I have a challenge, call it a dare.
Be half as good as Mary, and in spite of TASC,
We’ll all be successful, and that’s all we can ask!

So Mary, here’s a toast.
To your retirement, I hope it’s a blast.
To one fine lady, who’s nothing but class!

Best wishes Mary.  Enjoy!
Congrats on a great career!
Congrats on a great career!

Jay gave me the opportunity to be a learner by his gift to all of us by creating  

I was honored greatly by the kind words of my supervisor and fellow teachers and the gifts--books, restaurant certificates, socks, a wallet--all wonderful.
But as I told them all, I'm not sorry I retired--and this meeting reaffirmed that as they are all struggling with the new TASC---Test Assessing Secondary Completion--and the unknowns involved with it. I left the meeting after almost two hours and they all stayed for at least another hour.

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  1. Mary, Tricia Lewis here. I have to share...just like Amanda said. YOU were the most memorable at my first ever SBCSC GED meeting. You are so honest about your teaching, learning, your students and yourself. I hardly got to know you & I will miss your presence. ENJOY the many, many new things that I know you will explore!