Thursday, January 2, 2014


It's still Christmas vacation so I would not be working anyway.  The big change will come next week when everyone else goes back to work.  Tomorrow I will meet Tracy to give her the keys, laptop, and files.

Teaching GED students gave me a way to be of service to others very easily each day.  Now I need to find other ways to feel that each day is productive and helpful or encouraging to someone else.

Monday I printed up a remembrance card for Hank's service and we took Jim's mom out to eat.  She was very happy and proud of the card and showed it to two nurses on the floor when we brought her back to her home.

Tuesday Chantal and I went to Shipshewana and toured Menno Hof, the museum dedicated to Anabaptists.  It was a good adventure for learning and friendship.  Chantal is very much alone here in South Bend and was glad to accompany me.

Wednesday was New Year's Day.  I hoped to have the Nolls over for spaghetti but the roads were too bad.  I made ham and bean soup and was planning to give it away today, but again the roads are too bad and I will save that for tomorrow.

So, today--I started the process of making Jim's mom another calendar with all of our photos on it.

I need to be more thoughtful and proactive about this goal in my retirement.

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  1. I am sure you will come up with a great goal! Give it some time. As Dad pointed out, you're in the honeymoon phase...