Sunday, January 5, 2014

Blogging about Blogging and a Link

Friday I made the decision to go public--which in my case, means posting my blog on Facebook.  What fun!  I felt very affirmed by all the "likes" and comments which came from the rich variety of "friends" in my life.  I especially appreciated the words of former students and colleagues.

Maybe that is the way I will get readers!  Now if I could just get folks to comment on the blog directly, we could have a bit more of a "conversation" or "dialogue" to use cliches I really don't like!

Now I will try another experiment--a link to an article on retiring in today's South Bend Tribune:

I could not find it searching the South Bend Tribune, but I found it in its original location.

I don't think I will open a pizzeria or become a zumba instructor but I do need to "reimagine life."

"Meaning matters at all phases of life but particularly in the second half of life.  Purpose is fundamental.  Our immune system depends on it."

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  1. I love your blog, Mary! Thanks for sharing with us.

    From what I know of you, you seem to have the "meaning" fundamental firmly in place. It's encouraging how you are being so purposeful about this stage of your life and choosing to do something for someone else every day. My temptation at this stage of my life is to claim lack of control over my time as a deterrent to such a goal (or to lamely justify myself by thinking ALL of my time is filled with doing things for certain little "somebodies), but you inspire me to broaden my scope and look better at the world around me.