Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A 24 Hour Mini-Vacation

My friend Sue asked if I would come to Grand Rapids, go to a concert at Calvin College, and spend the night.  Why not?  I didn't have to work on Tuesday morning.

I left around 2 pm yesterday.  My first stop was at my sister's to chat and share some old photos.  Then on to a fantastic meal of roast turkey and vegetable stew (quinoa and lentils with an Indian flavor) and red wine with Sue.  Then to the Calvin College Chapel for an unusual presentation of choral and organ music composed by Grand Rapids composers, four of whom participated by conducting or accompanying.  Maybe the works were not Bach-like, although the Sowerby prelude and toccata was of top quality, but I enjoyed the local flavor and gleaned at least one idea of a work to try--The Organ Hymn by Raymond Haan.

After another glass of red wine and much chatting, I spent the night in Sue's guest suite in her spacious condo.  Sue has a gift for making a place beautiful by finding and displaying lovely items, vases, mirrors, and photos.  It is fun to look around and enjoy one's surroundings.

This morning I enjoyed a breakfast of cereal and homemade apple coffee cake again with my sister in her sunroom overlooking the snowy woods and creek.  We sorted through some more old family photos.  I now have another retirement project of getting many of them digitalized.

The trip home was my final adventure.  The weather looked beautiful--not at all like the lake effect snow predicted.  So I took the Lake Michigan route and stopped in South Haven.  The sea was breathtakingly beautiful.  Three women were setting up a little site on the beach and asked me to take their photo.  I agreed and then laughed when I took a closer look and saw what they were wearing.  They told me they were from the Chamber of Commerce.  I took their photo and then asked what their real story was.  By the time I got home, the photo I took was posted on the Facebook Chamber of Commerce site.   They gave credit to their brave field photographer Mary Vanderkam!

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