Monday, December 2, 2013


It was back to work today after two and a half weeks away.  A colleague asked me if I had regrets or was eager for the end.  I have no regrets, particularly after today's events--minor ones but ones that confirmed my decision.

I texted all the students to remind them that we were back in class tomorrow.  I had maybe five responses out of twelve texts sent out.  We'll see who shows up.

  One response was a bit hostile.  Had I called Work One to get her a voucher to take the GED test?  No, I hadn't.  I had let her know the sub could take care of that.  The sub had not done so because she had not written an essay and come back to class to hand one in.  I told her it was too late to register at this point anyway.  She seemed angry about that--even though I know she knew there were deadlines.  I am tired of this kind of attitude where it is all someone else's fault.

The new TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) is not at all ready for use on January 1.  There are no predictor tests available.  There probably will be a hiatus in testing.  It is difficult to prepare students when you don't know what is required.  But...this is not my problem!

I was very disappointed to see how few of my students signed up to register for the GED by the deadline.  Several of them could have given it a try at least.  That too will be someone else's challenge for the new year.  Another reason for being happy about my decision is that I  learned today who will be teaching at MC3 in January.  The teachers are new to the program but they are experienced and enthusiastic and will do a great job!

I spent a fair amount of time getting ready for class tomorrow--texting students, recording attendance, making plans, creating a review math quiz, and looking at individual folders for setting goals.  That is work I actually enjoy--making up the plans and seeing how they work out.

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