Monday, December 2, 2013

Another Goal for Retirement?

Jim said he had read about seven mistakes people make during their first year of retirement.  Most of them involved poor financial planning which is not really relevant for me seeing that my spouse will not make plans to retire!  Others involved setting goals beyond the first six months--the honeymoon phase.

A colleague asked me today if I had set goals and I certainly have.  But another one presented itself today. The phone rang--an unusual occurrence these days.  It was Joe Bock, the man planning to run against Jackie Walorski for our representative in Congress.  He wanted to introduce himself to me and to tell me why he was qualified to do this.  I already knew a bit about him and had the time and interest to tell him how pleased I was that he was willing to take this on.  Of course, the conversation ended with a request for funds, but this is a candidacy I am happy to support financially.   In fact, I told him that in my retirement I would have more time and would be happy to help in some way.

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