Saturday, November 30, 2013

Traveling with a Tour Group

I study with great interest all the brochures that come our way--from Duke, Harvard, National Geographic, Viking Travel and now Roads Scholars as well.  In fact, so many came that I asked Harvard to stop sending paper copies.

Jim does not care to travel and traveling alone has its dangers and drawbacks.  I feel encouraged by my travels in the last two weeks, much of it on my own.  I made mistakes but they were easily corrected.  I did what I wanted to do and I relaxed when that seemed good.

I watched tour groups in a couple of settings and was grateful not to be a part of them.  The breakfast area in the Holiday Inn Express was packed with travelers as was the lobby.  The elevator was literally full up to the ceiling with luggage.  People were waiting for the single bathroom in the hall before they boarded the bus.  I was glad to be on my own time schedule.

Later at the NY Historical Society Museum Shop I was asked if I was with the tour group.  The woman ahead of me was in a mad hurry to choose and pay lest she keep her bus waiting.  Earlier another group came into the room where I was quietly contemplating the art and listening to my audioguide.  The chatter was so loud that I decided it was time to go.  Again I was glad to be on my own before the invasion.

Yet, maybe I will give it a try.  Susan's parents liked their Road Scholar experiences--at a craft camp and in the Everglades.  I would like to try one of a limited time frame, staying in a single room in one or two hotels without frequent changes, and within a time zone or two.  Maybe Costa Rica!  That looked interesting--one week, two hotels, no single supplement, same time zone, and not terribly expensive.  Could be fun!

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