Monday, December 9, 2013

A Monday without a Schedule

This is the first Monday since October that I had nothing to do for work.  I had made plans and checked files last Friday.  I was not introducing new students, doing make-up sessions,  or meeting other staff members.  There were three calls from the office about one student who had never returned my call and as a result had a parent who was very upset that his son was not in class yet.  So there were  reminders of adult education and its challenges!

I woke up knowing the day was wide open and wondered what it would bring.  Now it's almost five pm and time to fix supper and greet my husband.

It was a good day.  I organized my organ music (no pun intended!), I found more old bank statements to be shredded, I wrote a note to an old friend, I walked with Maggie and used the exercise bike,   I left a package at UPS to be packed and sent to Raven, I read, I napped, I put out a few Christmas decorations, and I played lots of organ music at the piano.

I will need more structure for my days, but for today it was just fine.

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