Friday, December 20, 2013

The Day After

It's December 20 and my day is totally open.  I woke up far earlier than I needed to but am still in my pajamas.  It's a good time to muse about the past and the future.

Yesterday I called  Human Resources to see why I had heard nothing about my resignation letter.  It was not found even though I sent an email and a hard copy.  Fortunately, my supervisor had the original email and she re-sent it.  That still didn't do the trick.  I needed to say "retire" not "resign."  Now I know that.  However, I plan to retire just once so will not be able to learn from this experience!

Today's SB Tribune had a flyer in it that read "Celebrate Life to It's Fullest."  My immediate thought was to use it with my students as a great example of a very public but common error.  But I have no students anymore!  What a waste!

This week I looked at Jim's agenda for church council.  The "vision" for our church is to be more involved right in our neighborhood.  It occurred to me that we could have a GED (TASC) class for our neighbors in Hickory Village, a large apartment complex across the street.  This would give me an opportunity to teach a class but without the need to ask for time off from a school corporation.  If we had child care, we could eliminate the two main barriers for attendance--transportation and child care.  I won't present it to anyone just yet, but the idea has possibilities.  It also has problems--sharing space is always difficult.  I don't know how this kind of pop-up class is thought of by the school corporation but there are other "community partners" that do such classes.

I am amazingly at peace with this very big change in my life.  I am thankful for the years I have had to be of service to others and to earn a good living.  I am eager for the opportunities that may present themselves.  I pray for God to lead me in the right paths!

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