Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Goals for 2014

Laura wrote of checking on goals for 2013 and setting new ones for 2014 on her blog November 19.  I haven't been doing new year's resolutions for a while--and don't really write down goals although I may have some especially for work.  But this year I am thinking about how I am going to keep busy, be productive, and help others.

So here is a start on my list:

1.  Keep a blog about adjusting to this next chapter of my life called "retirement" and share it with others.

2.  Take docent training at the Snite and SBMuseum of Art.

3.  Travel with Jim and extend those trips like I am doing right now.

4.  Relearn geometry with

5.  Learn lots of new organ music--maybe even some challenging stuff.

6.  Watch videos online.

7.  Read longer books--instead of quick reads.

8.  Find a way to help out in adult education--maybe not in the spring but in the fall of 2014.

9.  Spend more time with children and grandchildren--as I am doing this week.

10.  (added November 25)  Learn Greek so I can read the New Testament with greater interest!

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  1. Mary, now that it is almost April, how's that list coming? Any additions or subtractions? Are you reading the NT in Greek yet? :-)