Monday, November 18, 2013

Thoughts from 2 Northside Piers

I am at Dan's apartment overlooking the East River and the skyscrapers in Manhattan.

We left home on Thursday and I have been on the road for four nights with eleven to go!  Next spring when I travel it will not take as much planning.  I worked hard to get things ready for a sub and to make sure that each student knew what he or she should be working on this week in my absence.  I hope it all plays out according to plan.

I am having a wonderful time.  It was great to be with family in Princeton for a couple of days.  It was great to be here with Dan who was a wonderful host even if he did have more energy and physical stamina than his 67 year old mother.

One needs to do this kind of thing while one still has the ability to do so.  We were on six subway lines total yesterday en route to the Met Museum of Art and back.  No one gave up a seat for a white-haired lady.  In fact, I may have been the oldest person I saw on the subways.  Dan says the older folk take buses and cabs.  Today I plan to get to Manhattan by the East River Ferry and then a crosstown bus.

But for now, I am saving up energy and going with a change of plans for the day that will take less time and effort.  I don't want to get to the Cloisters badly enough to spend 30 minutes at least each way underground to get there.

I am very contented to sit here and read and look out over the river and just be grateful for the ability to enjoy it.

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