Monday, April 21, 2014

68 Going on 70

My birthday is almost over.  Last night I did not feel upbeat or contented about this whole aging process.  I kept thinking that 67 rounds to 65, but 68 rounds up to 70 and that seems old.

My sister (two years younger than I am) said that most of their friends are 70 plus and they do just fine!  Jim and I, however, are usually the oldest ones in any group that we are a part of--church, work, friends, and family.

It was a good day nevertheless with several calls and cards.   We "celebrated" by having dinner in Kalamazoo with Jim's mother who never got her hearing aids from the nurse today.  Conversation was difficult!  We'll celebrate later this week with a dinner with friends, so I can look forward to that.

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  1. I turned 65 this year, and as I have mentioned earlier (I think), I am noticing I don't have the stamina I used to. I think of my mother in her early 70s when we regularly walked 10 miles together. And even then, it was me that said, OK, enough! But yesterday I interviewed a college student--a beautiful young woman. And we talked about body image. She struggles with feeling overweight even on her best days, and she is not overweight. I know so many young people -- and not so young -- who struggle with this. And I realized, it is something I no longer think about. An advantage of being older is having sagging skin and not really caring. This is me at 65. It's freeing. There's probably a blog here for me.