Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Reactions to Retirement

I have had two rather different reactions to my blogging about retirement--or maybe just the idea of retirement in general.

Several younger readers have said that they envy me and can't wait to retire.  I wonder if that means they would like to skip the next ten years of their lives.  I doubt it!  I guess I could have retired ten years ago, but at that point the thought didn't even occur to me.

Other readers who are about my age have said they are not ready to retire.  At least two of them are single women living by themselves.  They have said that they still need the structure in their lives of getting to work and having colleagues.  I can understand that sentiment entirely.

A few others have told me that they are in similar circumstances and can relate to my musings.

Writing this blog has been a good activity for me.  I like to process my thoughts and I like having readers.  Yes, I do check the stats!

  Now if I could just figure out why some who try to comment see their comments disappear.  I posted on a Google Forum today and was given some suggestions.  Disabling the Captcha requirement did not help those who try to comment as Anonymous.  (My cooperative and patient husband tried!)  I am reluctant to disable cookies--even if I understood how to do so!  At this point, only those who have a Google account or possibly a URL can post comments.  Any suggestions on how we can enable comments?


  1. Hi Mary, this is Ryan. I'm seeing if I can comment as Anonymous. Let's see if this works!

  2. Hmm. It seems to have worked!

  3. I wonder if I can comment?