Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

  This is the first year I am not sharing Valentine's Day as a teacher with a class.  I always made a heart-shaped cake using a square and a circle, a bit of a geometry lesson.  I usually asked the students to write a five paragraph GED essay about their ideal Valentine with interesting results.

I've been purging old journals and that is a topic for another blog.  I often recorded the words on cards Jim gave me or the meal I made for the day, so it must be important to me even if I think I am not a romantic and am somewhat cynical about a commercially inspired holiday.

Tonight we are having a spaghetti dinner, one of Jim's favorite meals.  I'll buy a better than our usual $6.99 bottle of wine and make some beer bread.  If I am ambitious, I'll make banket--another favorite for Jim.  I doubt we'll exchange cards.  We might exchange written messages.  I already let Jim  know that I bought him a gift and that means the pressure is on him!  My gift is an impulsive one I bought at the Jockey outlet store yesterday--I could add a photo.  I doubt Jim will pose for it!

Jim is my most faithful blog reader--maybe because he is the only one whose email I added to the site.  So...Happy Valentine's Day, Jim.  I love you!

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day?  Or do you prefer ignoring it?  (My daughter often ends her blogs with a question.  Is that is how I will get some comments?)


  1. We have never gone out for Valentine's Day, but always stay home and make dinner together. We're still doing that this time around, but this year Eric surprised me with a sushi lunch date...babysitting included! It was so sweet and thoughtful of him. Three cheers for Eric!

  2. Just catching up a little on your blogs...Cute post. :)
    We had the MOST relaxing Valentine's Day this year, as the girls were at Winter Blast with the youth group. Had dinner out at Bonefish. Tom gave me a home-made (off his computer) card with a nice hand-written note (a tradition for us), and a gift certifiate for a massage (nice!). I gave him three of our favorites: coffee, chocolates, and a bottle of red wine (called "Monogamy" was a very pretty label). The next morning...heart shaped pancakes and chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast, and later that day we rented a wonderful movie..."About Time." We always celebrate, and never ignore Valentine's day, anniversaries and birthdays.
    So the pressure was on Jim? What did he do for you?