Friday, February 21, 2014

Checking in on goals

I wrote a list of goals for retirement last fall. I thought I would check to see how I was doing with them.  Here they are with comments:

1.  Keep a blog about adjusting to this next chapter of my life called "retirement" and share it with others.

       This has been a lot of fun for me.  Ideas pop into my head and I know there are some readers  because I check the stats.  I have learned how to add links and photos.   Occasionally I  post to Facebook but  I don't want to be annoying about that.  A further goal is to get more readers to  comment.  We have   been unable to determine why my husband cannot comment nor can my Goodreads penpal Marilyn.

2.  Take docent training at the Snite and SBMuseum of Art.

              We have had two Monday sessions so far and they have both been really worthwhile.  I have enjoyed doing the homework and feel as if this commitment is enriching my life.

3.  Travel with Jim and extend those trips like I am doing right now.

              We hope to go to Florida soon, extending Jim's work commitment by four extra days.  March will  bring a trip to see the kids and grandkids and enjoy the gifts we gave our older grandchidlren with them--tickets to the 76ers for the fellows and to the Philadelphia Ballet for the ladies.

4.  Relearn geometry with

               I have made it through only four lessons.  Jay's lessons are longer, there are no worksheets yet, and my laptop downloads slowly.  Maybe I am not as motivated as I was when I was teaching.  Jay is still   terrific however!

5.  Learn lots of new organ music--maybe even some challenging stuff.

               I have begun some new pieces.  The sanctuary is very cold these days.  Practicing is not entirely a joy when it is 58 degrees and one's fingers won't move well.   That's my excuse at least!

6.  Watch videos online.

                I ordered Amazon Prime but have not done anything with this yet.

7.  Read longer books--instead of quick reads.

                 Middlemarch--I read a chapter and realized I had attempted to read it before.  I gave up a second time.    The Goldfinch was so highly rated but it too was returned to the library after I read a chapter   or two.  I have plenty of time but no enthusiasm for these longer volumes.

8.  Find a way to help out in adult education--maybe not in the spring but in the fall of 2014.

                 I was asked to sub later this month and at first I said I was willing to do so as a volunteer.  I think I am not allowed to work for pay for 90 days or I would lose my pension.  But when I thought it over, I knew there were others who needed more hours of work and one of them will do the assignment.

9.  Spend more time with children and grandchildren.

                  I hope this will take place in March and in May and this summer.  

10.  (added November 25)  Learn Greek so I can read the New Testament with greater interest!

                  Hmm--not so sure about this one!

I have added a few other goals or at least regular actitities.  I am reading with two young students at Tarkington Elementary School each week.  I plan to read Jim's commentary on Jubilees as he finishes each chapter. I started with chapter 40 so I guess I have lots of catching up to do!  I need to exercise regularly and have been walking with friend Maggie twice a week.  I have signed up for Zumba which, as it is offered by Forever Learning classes, I am optimistic that I can keep up.  I participated in three Bible study sessions led by Maggie on the gospel of John.   And then there is the major purging of every room, closet, shelf, file cabinet, etc in this house.  There is always a bag on its way to Goodwill or St. Vincent's.  

Each day fills up.  I have not been at a loss for things to do.   It has been good.


  1. I remember visiting a professor I'd had in college after she retired. She said, "I don't know how I ever had time to work!"
    You do a great job of writing reviews on Goodreads. I am many books behind. But two I really liked are by David Rhodes, both set in small-town Wisconsin. One is Driftless, the other is Jewelweed. When I moved out here to the West Coast, I discovered Ivan Doig and have read most everything his written. His memoir of growing up, This House of Sky, is perhaps my favorite, but his novels are good too.

  2. Thanks, Debby. I'll look up David Rhodes. Jim and I both enjoyed The Whistling Season (not sure of title) and I'll look up The House of Sky. I like memoirs.