Wednesday, February 12, 2014

An Astronaut?

About a week ago, I succumbed to  one of those frequent Facebook quizzes.

Maybe I was a little bored.  Maybe I trusted my dear daughter-in-law who had done it and found out her occupation should be a professor which she is and then another dear friend who found out she should be a writer.

As I know she blogs and does it well, I thought this could be interesting.

So, what should this 67 year old, white-haired, retired school teacher be?  An astronaut!  As I am terribly afraid of heights, I think this will not be my second career.  My hands get sweaty, my heart pounds hard, and I have an irrational desire to jump even though I am not suicidal.

However,  the quiz asked good questions and my answers showed that I love to explore and I am curious!

So here I am in front of a fireplace looking at a bearskin on the wall at Potawatomi Inn at Pokagon State Park just 68 miles from home.   We pass the sign for the park as we make our frequent trips east on I 80 and even today, someone told me how much she loved coming here with her family as a child and teenager.  So I have been curious--and have had a visit here on my "bucket list."

I booked a room in the historic section of the inn (to be interpreted--small room) for two nights for the price of one (when one night was only $65) and now I am enjoying my adventure.  If the toboggan run were open, I wonder if I would be that adventurous.  Probably not.

 Tonight I enjoyed a solitary dinner of braised chicken, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts (not so great) and water with lemon ( no liquor in public places) while I read my book, did a crossword puzzle and listened to the two couples at the next table discuss for at least ten minutes if salads were pre-made in the kitchen or whether your server made it himself.

I don't feel lonely.  I've had two conversations with Jim and sent him a photo of dinner.  He enjoyed his frozen pizza at home.  We'll talk again later.  There are things he will do for me but there are also things I don't ask him to do--and this is one I am happy to enjoy on my own!

 I don't think I feel obligated to get my money's worth and may find one night is enough for now.

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