Friday, October 25, 2013


I will miss the stories that I hear and yet I will not miss the depressing views of life that I often hear.

S has informed the class that he has eight kids--although I think he also said nine at one point.  He told me that the labs proved it.  He has custody of three of them.  He said that he was "locked up" from age 16-21 and then when he was out, he had never "done it" and he really got started!  Much of this he said quite publicly in front of the class.

He was excused on Wednesday to go to court.  Yesterday he came storming in saying he was going to prison again.  He paid his lawyer a lot of money and it did no good.  He hadn't slept all night and needed to do his tests and go.  He said he could get his GED in prison.

Actually he did pretty well on his post-tests.  He had done poorly at orientation but he didn't take it seriously then.

I don't know why he is getting sent back to prison.  It was for a 2009 offense and he was on probation. He may have failed a drug test.  That is my suspicion.  So now what happens to all those kids?

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