Thursday, October 17, 2013

Practicing Retirement

I scheduled a makeup day last Monday and taught Tuesday.  I arranged for a sub on Wednesday and then Thursday was an open computer lab day.  The students attended pretty well through it all but it was a lot of work and disruption to arrange it all.

When I retire, I can travel without all those arrangements.  At this point, I am looking to even more complicated arrangements for the two weeks I want to be on the East coast in November.

Our time away was wonderful however.  Everything went so well--no usual travel stresses except for very minor ones.  The flights, the hotels, the meals, the sight-seeing, even golf for Jim--all was good.  We had rooms with views--higher level floors in all three hotels.

This morning I felt tired and a bit down.  We ended up laughing a lot in class and I felt much better at the end of the morning.  I hope the students did too.  I will miss that interaction a lot.

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