Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's the right time!

My blogs from the past three years are indicative of the process I have gone through to get to this point. The decision:  Retirement on December 31, 2013!  I am happy and excited and relieved.

Why do I think this is the right time?  For many reasons from my perspective and from our program's perspective.

1.  Jim has several lectures and other events scheduled this year and I want to be free to travel with him.  I have only four personal days and those would be used up quickly.

2.  I want to be free to participate in our grandchildren's special activities:  confirmation, recitals, ball games, graduations.

3.  A new Test Assessing Secondary Completion is coming in January 2014.  Much professional development is being scheduled.  I am not threatened by its predicted complexity, but I am not eager to work towards this new goal.

4.  Our department has hired several new, competent, and enthusiastic younger teachers.  The classes will be in good hands.

5.  I have very few students this year for unknown reasons.

6.  I can get Social Security and the Teachers Retirement Fund pensions.  In fact, I am past the dates they are available.  I will be paid almost as much as when I was working.

What are my concerns?

I have worked almost all my life.  I have considered myself a teacher along with being a mother, wife, organist, etc.  I like to tell people that I too work and have a life outside my home.  This is a matter of pride with me.

I will miss the feedback I get from students.  Just this week one wrote in an email "Your a wonderful person."  I know--she needs work on contractions!   Another left saying, "I actually like this class."  I don't get that kind of praise from my children or grandchildren.  Jim--he is very affirming and for that I am grateful!

I will also miss the easy opportunity to know I am doing something worthwhile with my life.  We hear sermons about service and pray that we can find ways to serve.  This is given to me daily.  I will need to find other ways to give to others.

Later I will write about the actual steps I have taken towards retirement in the last week.  All is falling into place!

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