Sunday, September 22, 2013

An Important Appointment

Greg, my supervisor,  and I had discussed my retirement last summer but he had encouraged me to postpone any decision saying that at that point no one knew what would really happen with the new GED exam.  I did so and in fact, even went to one professional conference this summer with information about the new GED--now known as the TASC.

This time I requested an appointment and said in my email that I had reached a decision.  We met at 10 am on Monday morning.  My request was to retire on December 31. but if a two-week unpaid leave request for the end of November is too complicated, I may retire earlier.  Greg said he would check on that.  The meeting was pleasant and helpful as was my meeting with Gayle, his assistant,  who has "retired" but is still working on her own schedule.  She is however also ready to really retire.  She gave me good advice regarding applying for a pension.

There certainly is the option of volunteering and subbing in the program and possibly some consulting work.   Greg says I will not have seen the last of them.

After meeting with Greg, I walked with a friend, went to ballet class, and bought groceries.  I returned home a few hours later,  picked up the phone and listened to a voice mail message.  It was from Norman Herrema, my student teacher from 1971, telling me that he appreciated my mentoring him so much and that I had been an inspiration to him over the years in his own career.  He left his number and I returned his call.  He had retired a few years ago.  I had not heard from him in 40 plus years and then to hear from him with that kind of praise on the day I committed to retirement was amazing.   It was ironic but also a great blessing to me.

Several have said "Congratulations" when I told them of my retirement.  I guess that is appropriate.  Others have mentioned their envy!

Laura's comment:  "It's another chapter in your life."  Jeff's comment:  "It's another sign that you're growing up"--the phrase we always used with him!

I have had great peace with my decision and actually feel happy and excited about possibilities for my new freedom.

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