Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Honeymoon is Over

A few months ago Jim read some retirement advice referring  to a honeymoon period of six months in which one should not set major goals or make major changes.

So the honeymoon is about over.  It has been five months since I taught an adult education class.  GED graduation was last week.  I was pleased to see 16 former students listed in the program.  Several of them were from years ago and probably were motivated to take the old GED exam before the new TASC came into effect.  Some were students in my class last fall.

 I am beginning to feel a bit more restless.  I will need more structure in my life.  This will mean having to continue to find the right balance between good things to do and having time to rest and relax and be renewed.

It's time to end a blog that says "mvanderkamisretiring" or "It's Time for Retirement."  It has been great fun to blog,   It has helped me process my thoughts in a semi-public way as I made this major transition in my life.  I have appreciated the comments made by readers on the blog, on Facebook, and to me personally.

I won't stop blogging but this will be the last entry under this title.  My plan is to print it up  using Blog2Print--as a momento of this milestone year.

And then what's next?  I might title the next blog just that--"What's Next?"  Or does anyone have other suggestions?


  1. Olive Goldsmith referred to retirement as a "youth of labor" followed by an "age of ease." Age of Ease might be a fun title!

    I'll miss this blog, though! I sure do hope you continue!

  2. Hi Mary, I’ve been following all your grandparenting entries and just had to smile at so many things — wondering if you would have enough energy, pleased with what you did, celebrating a new life, etc. etc. So many things you mention ring true for me also. I took care of my restlessness by finding a few small things I could continue to do. I supervise students getting their Counseling credentials which takes very little time each month. Some years I have more students than others (depending upon who lives in my area of WA). This year I have one student and that takes me about 15 hours per academic year. Not much time, but I still feel I have my hand in. I also taught a hybrid class for a local community college — half on line and only 9 times in the classroom. again, not much — but I liked feeling useful. I hope you can decide what works for you as you get further into retirement. I still have plenty of time for leisure. Loved the pictures of your grandchildren. Four is a lot for families to raise — I remember having my third and saying, “Well, I think I’m happy now.” We had originally wanted four.